The Myth of Cwn-Annan

The Hounds of the Underworld, Cwn Annan, enliven the Celtic folk-tales, bounding across the cold night sky in an exhilarating and impressive wild hunt. In Wales, they are said to suddenly appear around St. David's Eve.

"...Hath thou never heard lore of Cwn Annan? On a forlorn winter's night where the moon shines not, do they not come to thee? Ghostly specters, the hounds dance in expectation of the hunt, eyes and ears glow an unearthly crimson. Blood. They writhe and howl in a manner not of mortal dogs. No, these creatures are from the dead, from the world beneath. Running across the night sky, they wait for their masters to call them hither for the hunt. Hath thou never heard the mournful bays they give off in the dead of night? Or thou just gave them off for a mere fancy of the mind, or the whispering winds through tree. Fools notions, I tell thee. Only a fool will take no notice of the tales of old. Butwhen the hounds come for thee, thou shall see the undaunted fury that lie behind the scarlet eyes as they wisp the souls of unwary travels on the Hunts night. Only fools will pay no heed to Cwn Annan."